XtremeCoverPro 100% Breathable Car Cover for Select Jaguar XJ XJL 2016 (black)

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Our cover is made by 100% breathable non-woven fabric that allows heat, moisture, damp, and condensation to escape easily. Completely blocks UV rays from sun that may damage vehicles surface and interior. Protects from natural pollutants, animal droppings, tree sap, industrial pollutants , and airborne dust and dirt. Our fabric is very smooth, abrasion resistant that is safe and gentle to paintwork. Front and rear under body elastic hems covers to cover the vehicle safely.100% Breathable non-woven fabric
Allows heat, moisture, damp, and condensation to escape easily
Completely blocks all UV rays from the sun that damages the vehicles surface
Featuring side view mirror pockets inserts and elastic hems
Fits: Jaguar XJ XJL 2016