Tesla Model X 7 seater with Auto-pilot, air suspension & cold weather

This Tesla auto-pilot is not limited to the speed limit as in the newer versions. Also unlimited free charging at the Tesla Supercharger stations

This awesome 2016 Tesla Model X 4×4 comes loaded with the following features:

– Dual 3 phase 4 pole AC induction motor
– dual drive inverters with regenerative braking system
– microprocessor controlled lithium ion battery
– camera and radar enabled safety features
– onboard charger and mobile connector
120V, 240V and J1772 charging adapers.

Configured features, model 75D with 237 miles range

All Wheel Drive, Autopilot Convenience Features, Supercharger Enabled, Falcon Wing Doors, Black Leather Seats, Heated 7 seats, Black Alcantara Headliner, Obeche Wood Decor, 17-Inch Touchscreen Display, Bluetooth Phone and Audio, Dual USB Ports (Media and Charging), HD Radio, Internet Radio, WiFi Connectivity, Navigation System, Rearview Camera, Automatic Climate Control, Power Windows, Remote Power Door Locks, Power Folding Exterior Mirrors, Summon feature, Keyless Entry, Power Liftgate, LED Headlights, LED Taillights, Blind-Spot Warnings, Collision-Mitigation Braking, Lane Departure Warning, Smart Air Suspension, Accessory Hitch, Black brake calipers, 20″ silver wheels,

Midnight Silver Metallic Paint option $1,000
Autopilot 1 included $2,500
Third Row Seats, 7-Passenger Seating $4,000
Smart Air suspension with auto speed lowering, $2,500
Subzero Weather package with 7 seat heaters $1,000

Configured this vehicle price is $92,200 however Tesla doesn’t make this cheap configuration anymore. In addition, the doors have been serviced to fix the clicking noise that is prevalent with the falcon wing doors and the software has been updated to the latest.

The lighting has been upgraded to brighter interior lights (can remove if not desired) which is a common problem with all teslas.

Driven for about 3 months, and decided to get the Model S.
Why wait for a pre-order when you can have this now?

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Tesla Model X 7 seater with Auto-pilot, air suspension & cold weather