Show Chrome Accessories 41-168A Removable Smart Mount Backrest (Can Am Spyder RT),1 Pack

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Show chrome has designed its own custom engineered driver backrest system for the Spyder. The generous 12 3/8″ x 7″ sized full pad provides superior comfort and support that is needed for the long rides. Its unique hinged design and adjustable tongue allow for 1” of vertical adjustment as well as 3” of horizontal positioning helping match your desired fitment. A convenient removable storage pouch snaps to the back face allowing the passenger to keep items handy. A completely removable design allows quick detachment of the backrest with the hidden mount system. This system allows the user to remove the pad when not needed yet easily attach the pad when desired. Utilizes existing hole in the 2014 and newer spyder’s. Fits can am Spyder RT.Fits can AM Spyder RT
Generous pad size of 12 3/8″ x 7″ provides superior comfort and support
Pad can be adjusted 1″ vertically and 3″ horizontally
Backrest pad is completely and easily removable when not needed leaving mounting system hidden
Removable storage pouch attaches to back of pad