For 2003-2007 Scion XB 304 Stainless Steel Black Billet Grille Combo #N19-J77978T

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*2003-2007 Scion XB

Package Content

This item includes Replacement (Cutting Not Required) Black Main Upper + Lower Bumper Grille Grill Inserts with Premium Black Powder Coated surface finish, mounting hardwares and installation paper.


Trying to get away from too much chrome? The black iGrille is your answer. Made from aircraft grade stainless steel, the black iGrille is the better choice to plasti-dipping or painting black a regular grille.
The black iGrille’s matt black surface is powder coated to be durable, UV resistant and long lasting. Its stainless steel body also protects it from wear, and harsh weather conditions. Each bar on the black iGrille is twice as wide as the competition’s – making it denser and more aggressive looking.
Some people have reported a whistling sound from their billet grille when driving up to 70mph. The black iGrille doesn’t have this problem! The iGrille is precision fabricated by CNC machines, and bonded together by rivets instead of ugly weld marks like other grilles. Not a whistle will be heard from the iGrille no matter how fast you drive. The black iGrille is the grille you deserve!
Only the iGrille is powder coated black on all 4 sides – unlike an aluminum billet grill which only has 1 finished surface. Choose the iGrille for a stainless steel grill that is different and classy looking. No more ‘WHISTLING NOISE’ issue as other grilles may have.
Stainless steel affords stronger protection against oxidation and fading than aluminum grilles. Choose the iGrille for long lasting black color.
iGrille bars are heavier, 50% wider, and have smaller gaps in between than aluminum billet grille inserts. Choose the iGrille for a beefier look and superior protection against dents or flying rocks.
The iGrille is the only grille that is rivet fastened – making it sharp looking front to back. Choose the iGrille for fine craftsmanship and zero whistling noise caused by traditional welding methods.
3 pieces Replacement (Cutting Not Required).This is a custom fit billet grill – please check your vehicle compatibility against Amazon’s ‘see all vehicles this product fits’ link, or to our fitment notes. Your Package includes instructions, and all the hardwared necessary for a quick and easy install. (Emblem or grille shell not included.) Choose the iGrille for the perfect DIY project.