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Check out In A Pinch Weld! We offer jack and lift adapters. website.inapinchweldhidden1

In A Pinch Weld offers pinch weld jack and lift adapters for most modern vehicles with pinch weld jacking points.

Do you want to jack or lift up your car in an easy, safe, convenient and affordable way?
Avoid damage to your car by lifting your car at its proper pinch weld jacking points.

Avoid damage to surrounding factory installed plastic rocker moldings and ground effects.

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Adapters are $23.99 each plus shipping.

3 styles to choose from:

Shaft Style Jack Adapter — for floor jacks with removable saddles (1 3/16″ shaft)

Flat Style Jack Adapter-for floor jacks with non-removable saddles

Lift Adapters- *fits some two post lifts (requires a set of 4) such as Rotary lifts or similar (5/8″ shaft). When you purchase a quantity of 1, it is a set of 4 that you are purchasing.

* For jacks- please determine which adapter style you need by looking at your jack and determining if the saddle is removable or not.

*For Flat style adapters please make sure surface of your jack saddle is flat (not cupped). It is important that the base of the adapter sits flat so the weight pressed upon the adapter is distributed equally and not just on the edges of the adapter base.

* These adapters will not work and are not for use on trolley jacks.

These adapters can be used for more than in your garage:

1. Keep in your glove box in case you need roadside assistance such as a tire change. That way if roadside assistance uses a jack, you can hand them your adapter and your car will not be damaged.

2. Keep in your glove box, so when you go to your car dealer for maintenance, they can use the lift adapters in order not to damage your car.

3. Keep in your glove box, so when you go to your local tire dealer, they can use your adapter(s)in their jacks or lifts, in order not to damage your car.

Buy multiple adapters and styles so you can have them available

These Adapters work great on most modern cars including Challenger, Charger, Dart, Chrysler 200 & 300,Camaro, Mustang, just to name a few.

Please review your owners manual to see whether your car is meant to be lifted at pinch weld points.This product is only to be used on those cars designed by the manufacturer to be lifted at specific pinch weld points.

Please inspect your vehicle for existing damage to your pinch weld such as rust from winter driving (salt), folding over or rusting of the pinch weld in general. If you have any existing damage these adapters may not be usable on your vehicle.

* It is to be expected that the area between the two towers of the adapter (where the pinch weld sits) will get scarred with use. You are responsible to inspect the adapter before each and every use looking for cracks or weak points and if found, discontinue use.

Thanks very much for your business, we really appreciate it!

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