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The MOST Elegant and practical Car Key Cover Holder on the market

Elevate your Automobile keys !
Helps keep keys in your hands or on your person and not locked in the car. Protection for your keys, even house keys
and peace of mind if you’re constantly losing or looking for your keys around the house then our key chain will untie your hands and get that worry off your mind. Protects from scratches and damage, crumbs and dust!
Auto Enthusiasts eliminated searching for your keys .Features:
*Car Key Holder Cover Fob keeps keys clean and safe.
*100% LEATHER , excellent craftsmanship, longlasting and durable
*ELEGANT design, its exquisite craftsmanship is visible in the leather and metal materials used.
*ENGINEERED for each Automobiles needs.
*PERSONALIZED keyring Choose your model of auto from the selection we offer : Mercedes, Jaguar, Buick, Mazda, Toyota, Chevy, Nissan, Subaru, Ford, Audi, Honda, VW, Volkswagen, Chevrolet
*GIFT BOXED in box with satin liner
*PROTECTS from damage, crumbs and dust! Protects your phone screen and pockets also from unintended scratches.
*STRONG and Durable leather, Pliable but sturdy to eliminate cracking.
*COMFORTABLE to keep at hand , in pocket, or on belt
*STYLISH and fashionable
*READY BOXED gift that everyone appreciates.

These Key Holders make for a great gift
whether the occasion may be a birthday, housewarming, wedding
or anniversary, Christmas, Boss or any other occasion.

Engineered with your needs in mind.

Ready to elevate your keys to a superior level? Never Lose Your Keys Anymore! Keep Them Always with You. Order Now, Before We Run Out of Stock Again!
Satisfaction guaranteedSMOOTH LEATHER YOU CAN ACTUALLY FEEL: Our metallic and leather car key holder is soft to the touch.
Its material is low carbon and nontoxic to humans.

EASY TO HOLD DESIGN AND PROTECTION: Its smooth zipper around has a Kirstine hook for easy and comfortable grip.
It has a quick closure, and it’s easy to put in and get out your smart car key.

KEEP IT CLEAN EASILY: If the case gets dirty, you can easily clean it with a wet cotton cloth.

ELEGANT replacement for a keychain.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: In the unlike case an issue occurs, we’d be happy to fully refund you, or give you a 90-day free replacement.