1972 Oldsmobile 455 Built to W30 Specs-Just Finished Being Rebuilt

This is the last of the 455 Oldsmobile engines I will be selling. I had been gathering these parts for many years and this is the final complete engine I have to offer. It is a 1972 Block, Stamped 32X-VIN#, meaning Oldsmobile (3), 1972 (2), X (Kansas City) then the cars VIN Number. The cylinder heads are original Ga models with large valves and hardened seats for unleaded fuel and have just been redone. It has the very hard to get (N) Nodular Iron crankshaft that is STD/STD and a New Standard bore set of forged TRW pistons that give an effective compression ratio of 10.5 to 1 with the heads installed. It has a new Melling factory spec W30 camshaft and hi rev Melling anti-pump up lifters, New Cloyes timing chain and gears along with all Clevite Tri-Metal bearings. It was just assembled with a new Melling M22HV high volume oil pump and pickup and a rare center drain plug, factory W30 oil pan with kick out and built in crank scraper. It has a set of Factory “W” and “Z” W30 exhaust manifolds along with triple groove crankshaft and water pump pulleys. It has also had installed a set of Center Hole Chrome Valve Covers, a mechanical fuel pump, a 168 tooth flexplate, a GM starter motor, GM Distributor and Packard Wire set. To top the engine off it comes with a factory Quadrajet Carburetor that has j8ust been gone through completely and an Edelbrock Perfromer intake manifold that keeps the carburetor at factory height.

You won’t find a more complete fully rebuilt W30 455 engine anywhere. Engine comes with everything you see bolted to it including the clutch fan and belts. I even have an alternator for it if you need one.

Selling for far less then the parts alone cost.

First person with 3500 in cash takes it home.

No offers accepted unless in person with cash in hand.

Unlike the last engine, I will not accept deposits on this final 455 engine. It just takes too long to get paid in full.

Email me with any questions or for directions.

1972 Oldsmobile 455 Built to W30 Specs-Just Finished Being Rebuilt